VR Seattle

I draw upon my broad higher education experience to assess each client’s unique, context-specific needs. As a skilled facilitator, coach, planner and writer, I design customized experiences to assist individuals and teams in achieving their full potential.

I have shepherded dozens of broad-based initiatives and worked with deans, directors, vice chancellors, and presidents to achieve the results they are seeking for their organizations.

With each new assignment, I take time to understand the culture, values, challenges, and aspirations that weave together to shape each individual and team. I am practiced at navigating nuanced interpersonal and institutional dynamics and have provided leadership and expertise to a diverse and accomplished array of organizations and individuals.

Higher Education Experience

Valery began her career in student affairs and has worked with small liberal arts colleges, large land-grant institutions, and within a ten-campus public university system. In 2002 she joined the University of California, Merced and helped to plan, build, and open the first American research university of the 21st century. At UC Merced Valery oversaw student life, judicial affairs, campus recreation, residence life & housing, campus dining, and the planning phase of health & counseling services.

Prior to her role as a higher education consultant, Valery served at the University of California Office of the President in Oakland, CA. At the UC system headquarters, Valery focused on systemwide student service, policy, and retention issues including student mental health, wellness, and campus climate & diversity.

Valery holds a Master’s of Art in College and University Administration from Michigan State University and a Bachelor’s of Art in English from the University of California, Santa Barbara.