Leadership coaching is a valuable tool for enhancing individual effectiveness and preparing leaders for increased responsibility. Valery contracts with individuals and organizations.

As a coach, Valery works with an individual who is seeking to achieve a positive, lasting change in his or her leadership behavior. Coaching is individualized to each client with an emphasis on understanding and maximizing strengths, identifying specific areas for growth and change, developing the capacity to think and act in new ways, and establishing the skill and habit of self-reflection to allow learning to continue beyond the coaching relationship.

Sessions normally take place via Skype or telephone. The longevity of the coaching relationship is determined jointly by the client and/or the sponsoring organization and the coach.

Questions to ask before engaging a coach:

  • How valuable is this person’s performance and potential to your organization?
  • What challenges does this┬áperson face?
  • Is s/he willing and able to work with a coach?
  • Are you, and the organization, ready to support this person’s growth?