Organizations are in a constant state of change. If managed well, leadership and organizational change can result in opportunity, growth, and enhanced team productivity. Likewise, well-managed campus, division, or department initiatives can empower and energize individuals and teams. Valery works to shepherd productive change by partnering with formal and informal leaders within the organization to assess the readiness for change, identify opportunities and risks, and develop strategies and processes to guide the team forward.

Valery’s role can vary from behind-the-scenes analysis to front-of-the-room process facilitator. She will meet with small and large groups, prepare reports and recommendations, and is available for one-time consultation or longer-term retainer.

Organizational initiatives cover a broad range of topics and can include:

  • Leadership changes and structural realignments
  • Strategic planning
  • Mission, vision, and values identification and articulation
  • Staff engagement
  • Comprehensive review & report of student programs and services
  • Institutional accreditation reviews